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Short term car rental services

The specified car rental prices include full motor vehicle insurance: KASKO and insurance against civil liability in respect of the use of motor vehicles.

Deposits and rental payments can be paid using a credit card or in cash during the collection of the vehicle or via bank transfer prior to the collection of the vehicle. The deposit can be paid as an equivalent, i. e., in foreign currency. The rental deposit can be collected upon returning the vehicle.

The vehicle can be driven by persons having a valid driver’s licence. No age restrictions apply.

You can collect and return the vehicle at a suitable location of your choice according to a prior agreement. We can deliver the vehicle of your choice to a specified location within Lithuania for a set price. You are able to get a child seat free of charge during your rental period. No additional charges for a second driver apply.

The rental car can be used throughout the entire area of EU. No mileage restrictions apply.

Minimum booking duration: one day. In cases where you are late to return the vehicle for more than 4 hours, you will be charged for an additional day of use.

Natural persons wishing to rent a car, must present a valid driver’s licence and identification. Legal persons wishing to rent a car must present a certificate of registration of the company, or copy of said certificate, power of attorney issued by the Head of the company authorizing the use of rental services on the behalf of the company, and a valid driver’s licence of the authorized person. Rented cars can be driven not only by the lessee itself but also by other persons specified by the lessee. Provided the said person has a valid driver’s licence.

The cars are provided with a full tank of gas, therefore the said cars must be returned with a full tank of gas, unless agreed otherwise. In case the gas tank of the returned car is not filled to full, the lessee obliges to pay a 10 EUR fine and settle the fuel difference according to the rate of going gas prices.

Long term car rental services

PiCar car rental services offer long term car rental services for people wishing to save their money and time. You will be alleviated of car buying, maintenance, repair, tyre changing and insurance burdens. The only thing that you have to do is contact us and we will find the best car and leasing contract according to your needs.

If you are planning to rent a car for more than 24 months, contact us and we will discuss the possibility of offering the car of your choice!

Our services are especially well regarded within the business sector. Long term car rental services for businesses offer a simple way to own a reliable vehicle for your everyday needs with all of the provided benefits and free of all the running and maintenance worries. Therefore, long term car rental services for businesses offer the easiest solution to your company and business transportation problems.

Contact us and we will offer the best alternative that suits your needs.

Send your enquires to info@picar.lt or call the following number +370 647 93 933

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